Word for 2019


Learning how to just be will be my intention for this year. It will probably continue to be my intention for the rest of my life. But I chose it as the word for this year because it’s what I felt I wanted to focus on the most. As much as I foresee transitions and new things happening hopefully someday soon, I believe that to be myself is a power that transcends all change.

So here I proclaim who it is that I am, and who I will continue to be.

I am a game changer, a mountain mover, a difference maker, a life enhancer.

I am a lover, fighter, adapter and evil-stopper.

I’m a thinker, feeler, worker and dreamer.

I’m a survivor, dancer, singer and shaker.

I’m a prophet, poet, empath and listener.

I’m a wielder of words, story craftsperson and home-builder.

I’m a welcomer, includer, accepter and affirmer.

Here’s to being