Seems so evasive

Feels illusive

Suspect of disappointment

Sounds just too good to be true


But what if hope is better than doubt

What if hope is survival

Not hoping is not protecting oneself

It’s missing out, it’s avoiding fullness


Hope is like the blue sky

Sometimes it’s cloudy with fog

Sometimes it’s dark and starlit

Sometimes it’s full of smoke


Hope is like the sound of a stream

Maybe you can’t see it, but know it’s near

It’s like a roaring lion, charging one moment

And then sleeping and purring the next


Hope is full of conflicting emotions

Hope can feel slippery, tricky, pointless

But hope can be empowering, strengthening

Hope is fighting, wanting, wishing, and knowing


Is hope a paradox

An imaginary idealistic dream

Is hope a fairy tale

Or a childish fantasy


Is hope grounding

Is it believing, inspiring

Is hope foundational

Motivational, enabling


Hope is human but it’s more

It brings us up out of dust

It’s more than menial

It’s conquering, sustaining


Hope is keeping on, breathing still

It’s pushing through

Keep hope alive

And it sustains more than you know


Hope brings us higher than we are

Hold onto hope, cling to it mightily

Let it fade but not disappear

Make hope your companion


Don’t let the critic stifle hope

Don’t let the cynic suffocate it

Hope is God-given and freeing

Hope is life-giving and life-changing


Hope may wax and wane like the moon

But it’s still a treasure

Hope is what we thrive on and surrounds us like the warm light we crave