Do we love or do we tie up burdens

Do we cherish or do we push down

Do we fight for or do we run away from

Do we embrace or do we judge

Do we humble ourselves or do we condemn

Do we adore or do we abhor

Do we accept or do we squabble

Do we affirm or do we cast stones

Do we bind up wounds or do we tear apart

Do we pursue people or do we weaponize Scripture

Do we forgive or do we criticize

Do we extend grace or do we hate

Do we enliven, embolden, and empower, or do we kill

Where is God in the midst of our religion?


When the world gets a little bit too dark

When it gets darker, the church’s light is supposed to be brighter

But all children of God and God-children-to-be are imperfect beings of time

In this world broken of shattering we are not perfect

We beat each other up and we we’re not busy doing that

We beat up up our very selves


Since when was religion supposed to be perfectionism?

Since when was the church supposed to be a straight jacket?

Since when did Christianity become the business of only caring what other people think?


When people hurt from within and without

That’s when You shine in slivers of hope and shafts of light around and through us all

Reminding us that You are never far away, never gone away from us


You never cease to exhibit Yourself among the gray

In between the black and white where creativity and color exude

Glory of Your grandness among us like a spectrum of belonging home

My prayer for the church

Dear Sovereign God

Would you work a miracle

In hearts and minds

Would you create anew


Would you unblind the eyes that cannot see

Melt the chains around the feet

Change the motives, move the emotions

Empower drastic love


Would you unbind hands that are bound

And untie arms that tie up others

Would you enlarge hearts of weakness

And expand narrow thinking


Would you humble and break

Would you heal and draw near

Would you comfort and seek

And would you start with even me


Would you bandage up broken bones

Soothe the cuts and bruises

Help the church, which is Your church

To stop all the wounding and the hurting


Enable unconditional love

Convict radical reconciliation

Pursue us even in our failures

Push us into forgiveness that embraces


Fill us with grace and mercy

Be our soul of peace and rest

Fight for us to be the light and life

That You are to us

In every way always