Posted to raise awareness on World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10, 2017.


Today I realized

That I see people

In their pain

I see it in their eyes

Feel it in their bodies

Hear it in their silences


What do I do with that?

How do I feel for them?

And for me?

Who can lift all that for a lifetime?

And should I? And will I?


I know I’m resilient

But I’m also human

I know I’m strong

But how much can I take?

I know I’m powerful

But how much can I carry?

I know I’m made to endure

But how long can I survive?

I know I’m persevering

But how long until I break?


Humanity walks the line of paradigm

As strong as a hungry lion

And powerful as a tired eagle

Our hearts long for connection

Yet we fear being known

We want love

But we’re afraid of honesty

Where can we go from ourselves

When we both contradict and exceed

Our very beings of extraordinary minimalness


I am resilient

And that is how I face the day

Sometimes I feel it

Sometimes I know it

Sometimes I live it

Sometimes I reach for it

I am still full of resilience