God of Humanity

God of our humanity

Fill these clay pots with divine Spirit

Permeate our weak bodies with supernatural


God of our humanness

Expand our limited dust with your sacred presence

Build up our finite with your vast, surpassing truth


God of our created beings

Surround us in pure, encompassing love and grace

Soothe our need and longings with your all-knowing emotion


God of our human hearts

Create our lives of smallness to discover your inventive will

Regard our lack and reach to us with perfect embrace


God of understanding us

Find calm for us when we have fear and confusion

Hold us in thriving rest and peace


God of incomplete people

Be our wholeness, abundance and arrival

Enable our experience of your absolute and total affection for us


God of the little and insignificant

Tell us we are wanted, beloved, cherished

Instill to us our importance, irreplaceability and beauty


God of the dying flesh

Preach in us our eternity with purposeful passion

Sustain our fighting breath to matter while we are still here


You can’t get out of your skin

So be kind to your body

And be gentle with your mind

Cry for yourself as crying over a loved one

Shed tears for you because no one else will

So much to feel but so little time

Be patient with your very full heart

It will get better inside

You’ll find a way forward

I’m convinced you are a superhero

I’m sure you’re a winning fighter

In some small way, you win everyday

In every step you take I see bravery

You’re inspiring me, one breath at a time

Your impact is mighty and big

You may not see yourself, you can’t

But trust yourself, believe your faith

Power moves the mountains in you

You’re not going to stop surviving

You’re going to still be thriving

You’re being a difference by staying true

Yourself is a treasure to the earth

Stop the breaking and start the mending

Stop the shutting up and start loving

Be nice

You’ll be better for it

And your life will ring out the song

Your song

It’s the melody that we’ve been waiting for

We want to hear you

Please sing your voice

Your beautiful heart is

Our friend

Not your foe

Welcome home