Burning Blue

Heart with a fire

You warm those who are alone and scared

You burn those who criticize and judge

You welcome to the hearth those who are hungry

You question those who are self-righteous and ignorant

Your flames are light to the ones in shadow and fear

Your sparks surprise those in lukewarm complacency

The fire is a gift, a treasure, your calling

But carrying a fire in your heart comes with a cost

I see your scars and they are beautiful

Because whatever fought you didn’t take you

I see your loneliness and it’s not your fault

You are not empty, weak or helpless

I see the burdens you carry alone and I want rest for you

You can’t live with a fire inside and not feel it

Your fire grows weary and burns itself out

But even coals have life in them, they just need stirring

Open up to receive well, in order to give well

No fire lasts forever without flaming

Learn to receive the gifts of oxygen and wood for warmth

You will find a way to live

Your heart will stay here

Even with a blue flame fire



Pure love, let me see you, let me feel you here with me.

Extravagant love, fill the caverns inside me, soothe my often chased, often chasing mind.

Expansive love, show up in my world like a warm light, surround my heart like a soft blanket.

Beautiful love, keep my soul in peaceful rest and be a lullaby for my tired and restless body.

Bright and effervescent love, here I am, wanting to be safe in you. Keep me still so I may learn to live completely and totally loved.

Inclusive, gracious love, embrace me in your fullness so I may know I am wholly accepted.

Deep and intense love, fill me with assurance of my belovedness and instill me with confidence of my never-changing deliverance.

Caring and gentle love, keep me within your wings so that I know I am continually being healed and always have your healing.

Strong, powerful love, stay with me in the dark places of fear and loss and the shadows of confusion. Be my compass out of dark valleys.

Comforting and calming love, be even closer when my heart oozes pain and I’m scattered by hurt and overwhelm.

Compassionate, empathetic love, be my breath when my lungs are battered and broken with exhausting suffering.

Live-giving Love, be the blood in my heart and veins to enliven me here as a beacon of Yourself.