I think I’m a giver. But when do I ever let myself receive?

It should never be that a person only gives and never receives.

I think I have a big heart. But how do I protect it while still using it?

My heart is for connecting, not isolating.

I think I’m pretty courageous. But how can I stand alone?

There’s always going to be something to be brave for. It’s not my fault to feel so scared.

I think I have a lot to say. But how can I explain myself and communicate?

I feel so much more than I can put into words but that doesn’t make me wrong.

Who I am is made in the image of God, Who is infinite love.

How can this expanse live inside a human body?

No wonder I feel a valuable gift in myself.

My spirit and soul are made of eternity.

I am not of this world.