Hearing us, being we.

Tell me the story of you.  I will listen.  Let me tell you the story of me.  Please hear me.  Wait for me to find the words to say.  Wait for me to shed invisible tears.  Listen as I sigh.  Laugh with me and cry with me.  And I will be with you.  And you will be with me.  If you won’t, you’re missing it.  You’re missing my life.  You’re missing me.  If our relationship doesn’t have both of us, it’s not a relationship.  It needs us both to be real.  It needs us both to be safe.  The space between us must include us both.

Three of the most important words in a relationship:  Look at me.  Look at my smile and see the tears I hide.  Look at my mask and see the sadness I ignore.  Look at my mouth and see the words I don’t say.  Look at my life and see the things I keep from you out of fear.  Look at my speech and see what I hold inside.  See me.  See what I avoid, see what I want, see what I’m scared of, and see what I love.

We can both give and receive.  We can both live our lives being heard and listening.  We can and should.  We need each other.  Otherwise we have no water while the river runs by us.  Without the water of relationship we shrivel up and die.  Scoop up some water in your hand – the water of sharing ourselves.  We were made for togetherness.  Without each other, we are missing part of us.