Truly Listening

My word for this year (2017) is ‘listen.’  I think I’m a pretty good listener.  But I think I listen too well to people that are not best for me.  I think I listen too much to Christian people because I don’t trust myself.  I think I listen to the things they say because I think they speak for God.  But I forget that I have God inside myself in the form of the Holy Spirit.  And I have His word in the Bible.  God knows me better than anyone does.  And He knows better than anyone what is best for my life.

To me, since I call myself a follower of Christ, my number one priority is to listen to God.  But that’s hard to do when literally everything else around me is vying for my attention.  So that’s why this year I want to take several moments each day to listen to God and follow His leading in my life.  It’s less about me telling myself what I should and could do, and more about being loved by God and living in that love.  It’s about listening to God’s voice more and more and the other voices less.  After all, He was there before everyone else and will be there after everyone else as well.  So I pray and hope this year is a year of truly listening to the One who is truly worth listening to.  And that my life after this year is a courageous continuation of the steps I’ve taken in 2017.


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