Millennials – 2017

A personal perspective

We are the generation you call lazy but we work three jobs just to survive

We are the ones you call disengaged but social media seems to be our only means of connection

We are the young adults you call disconnected and no wonder we appear that way when we are bombarded by dating apps and online dating as our only ways of finding meaningful bonds

We are the generation that wants to tell stories and find purpose in life but we are faced with the seemingly true reality presented by Hollywood and the internet

We are the children of parents and grandparents who voted for a president whose legacy will likely not affect them much at all, leaving us with the burden to bear

We are the generation that will live with the chief of state that calls women objects

We are the generation that will live under the incoming government who treats racial minorities like terrorists and sub-humans

We are the generation who will live with the president-elect who treats sexual and gender minorities like deviants

We are the young adults whose expensive college degrees no longer guarantee us a career and we are left with overwhelming debt to pay with little means of doing it

We are the generation where movie theaters, colleges and nightclubs can be places of massacre

We are the generation that needs an answer; that searches for wisdom, companionship and love.  We want to be found, to have a home, to belong.  We are the children who are looking for our place in the world and are struggling to find it.  We are the young people who want life, peace and health in a world that is so desperately broken.  We are the ones who long to have faith but are disappointed by institutions, saddened by power and disillusioned by authority.  We long for honesty, truth and relationships.  We desire meaning in a confusing time, relief in stressful places and quiet in the chaos.  We distract ourselves but really we just want calm in the noise.  We long for justice.  We crave security, want friendship and need realness.

Millennials, we create the world we want to live in.  We reject the fake answers.  We fight for the outsiders, the lowly, the ones who have been cast out.  We push for change.  We see through mere outward manifestations of religiosity.  We pursue our own destiny, no matter the cost.  We find our own meaningful connections in ways that make the most sense to us.  We will find our way back.  We will make a path forward.  God help us.


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