My child you are seen

I know you feel alone

But you are not

Your life is not unnoticed

I see you in your exhaustion

Your endless trying to be and do

I know your feelings, confusion, and wondering

I feel your emotions and breathe your sighs

I take your weak hands and hold your tired body

I calm your worried thoughts, soothe your mind and heart

My friend I see you

All of you

When you’re too overwhelmed to move

I’m there

When you’re too tired to get out of bed

I’m with you

When you force yourself to go to work

I hold you together

When you lay awake at night

I’m protecting you

When you’re too consumed to breathe

I fill your lungs

I watch your perseverance

I know your courage

You are not unseen

I see your fire, your valor

I see you face the things you fear

And not back down

I see you fight, I see you cry

You don’t have to do this alone

You don’t have to win your battles

And fix your problems

That’s my job

I know you try your hardest

To not be afraid

To figure things out

To find solutions

To understand

It’s okay

I’m here

It’s alright for you to be yourself

I got you

You are all you need to be

Because I make you so

You are accepted