I feel fragile right now and my days feel shaky.  I often can’t change the way I feel.  But there is determination in the life of someone who feels fragile and still walks ahead.

To that person, a straight path seems so steep.  A smooth one looks rocky.  A grassy one is like an uneven incline that I am afraid of falling down.

Sometimes standing still is the best way to keep going ahead.  Sometimes doing the minimum is the boldness of a fighter.  Sometimes a smile is valor.

Don’t underestimate the power of a fragile person’s courage.  The strength of fragility often goes unnoticed by all but those who see it in action.  Look closely or you will miss a miracle.

Here’s to speaking out of hiding.  We are not less than.  We are meant to be heard.

You are small but so mighty.  Your fragility makes you brave.  Your courage is powerful.



What if your love is the things that calm me most in this world?  What if your love is the things that soothe me?  What if your love is what I crave most?

Could your love be the sound of rain falling on the soft dirt?  Your love is the deepest of blues, the brightest of greens.  Your love is the sound of a bubbling stream, a singing bird.

Your love is a great mountain, covered in white snow.  Your love is the sound of the crashing ocean, the rushing wind among the leaves of tall trees.  Your love is a comfy blanket.

It’s the comfort of a purring cat.  It’s the feeling of cool water on a parched throat.  Your love is the warm sunlight, a quiet lullaby.  Your love is the most beautiful flower I’ve ever seen.

Your love is the sound of my favorite voice, silencing the noise in my head.  Your love is as constant as my beating heart.  Your love is a breath of pure air.  Your love is a vast galaxy.

Your love is peaceful silence to a distressed mind.  Your love is an intricate humming bird.  It’s the Grand Canyon, a diamond.  Your love is warm broth to a sick body.

Your love is a soft pillow.  It’s a cool breeze on a hot day.  It’s fall colors in the trees.  Your love is close because you are.  You are love.  You are here.