Letter to the marginalized

To you who feel scared

You are brave

To those who feel alone

You are one of us

To the ones who are anxious

You’re going to be okay

To you who feels like it’s all your fault

Stop saying sorry, it’s not your fault

To the one who fears

You are courageous

To those who are overwhelmed

It’s going to be all right

To you who are afraid

You are strong

To you who feels small

You are not forgotten

To the ones who feel invisible

You are seen

To you who feel like outcasts

You are not rejected

To the one who carries burdens

You can lay them down

To you who feel weak

You’re a fighter

To they who feel empty

You are worthy

To the ones who feel lost

You have a home

To you who are confused

You have a place to rest

To the one who feels ugly

You are more beautiful than you know

To those who wander

You are found

And to you who feel outside

You are inside

Where it’s safe

You are loved



How does it feel to always be the one?

The one who doesn’t blend in

The one who stands out

The one who’s different

The one who’s set apart

How does it feel to aspire

To seek to change

To pursue alone

How does it feel to be a trailblazer

A destiny maker

A thought-provoker

How does it feel to be running your own race

To be living the life you were meant to live

How does it feel?

It feels like being created

By the One who creates

Continually, on-goingly

Step by aching step

One day at a time

Truly made

And being