Prayer of Paradox

Dear God,

Teach me to listen well

But teach me to speak up

Teach me to live freely

And teach me to rely on you

Show me how to wait

And show me how to fight

Teach me to hope

Help me to dream

Fill me with patience

And make me restless for you

Show me how to be quiet

And make me open up

Teach me to comfort others

And cause me to stand up for them

I desire your strength

I want your gentleness

Grant me your power

Give me your peace

I want to rest in you

I want to know your grace

I want to feel your love

I want your compassion

Fill me up with these things

Because you are full of them

Show me your way

Make me to trust you

Please give me your heart

And show me that faith in you

Exceeds any paradox

Because this is the life you create

And I am the one you made


One thought on “Prayer of Paradox

  1. I really needed this prayer today. Thank you. Such a simple and strong reminder of our dependence on God. ❤

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