God’s Voice

This was written for the Daniel sermon series at Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley during summer 2016.


Can you hear Him?  Can you hear God’s voice?

His voice is quiet, but His voice can be loud

His voice is soft, but His voice can be strong

His voice is close, but His voice can be distant

His voice is clear, but His voice can be silent

How can I listen?  How can I follow?

God made my heart, He fashioned my soul

My mind, my strength

He made my ears, He created emotion

He causes me to feel, He gave His Word

God’s Holy Spirit is real

His Spirit is alive, His Spirit is in me

The Spirit leads, the Spirit guides

I can listen and He will speak

I can hear Him because He talks

I can follow as He leads

I can be guided since He empowers

His words come, His truth surrounds

He makes a way because He is God

His voice rings inside me because I’m His child

He has given me His Spirit as well His Word

His gift is faith on this road of relationship

Through a journey of belief with steps of trust

God’s voice is real, God’s voice is present

God is here, God is in me



For God has rescued you

Out of the safety of your comfort

And delivered you

Into the sureness He provides

While in the tension of your unrestful life

That is where He is


For God has rescued you

Out of being who you were not created to be

He has delivered you from the lies

He has taken you out of the safety of narrow-minded fear

And He has put you in the midst of an instability

Where paradoxes don’t fit in neat boxes

He exceeds all the insecurity

It is no match for His presence

Because when He is with you

The uneasiness is calm

He shows you the path

His peace is greater

His safety is more sure

Than the false security you knew before

In untrue identity, pretend life, performance religion


Because God has rescued you

You are safe

In the midst of being shaken

Because He is unshakable

And when you are with Him

In the uncertainty

You are surrounded

By Love Himself

Prayer of Paradox

Dear God,

Teach me to listen well

But teach me to speak up

Teach me to live freely

And teach me to rely on you

Show me how to wait

And show me how to fight

Teach me to hope

Help me to dream

Fill me with patience

And make me restless for you

Show me how to be quiet

And make me open up

Teach me to comfort others

And cause me to stand up for them

I desire your strength

I want your gentleness

Grant me your power

Give me your peace

I want to rest in you

I want to know your grace

I want to feel your love

I want your compassion

Fill me up with these things

Because you are full of them

Show me your way

Make me to trust you

Please give me your heart

And show me that faith in you

Exceeds any paradox

Because this is the life you create

And I am the one you made


I dance through the fire


It does not consume me

Though I feel pain

They are not flames that I lit

And I am not defeated

I’m still alive

And in joy

I breathe

Although I may feel some burns

And the smoke stings

It’s not what I cannot bear

Because I have been

Where the beating of my heart

Was all I heard

And yet I could not feel it

Because I felt torn apart

By shame, hurt, numb

I dance because now I move

Unvacant and free

I am not, will not

Be crushed

The fire has no hold

Its power is nothing

No match for the Flame

The Spirit within




Producing wholeness

That will not be taken away