What I think God whispers to me

My child, you have a beautiful heart

I see you

I see how beautiful you are

I see how you are beautiful to others

I see how beautiful you are in others’ lives

I don’t want you to fix the world

I didn’t make you for that

I don’t want you to be anything else other than you

You are fulfilling your destiny when you are most fully yourself

Your calling is to be who I made and never to fill someone else’s shoes

You “fix” the world when you rest in the place I have designed

You make the world better when you settle into the skin I made you in

You shine bright when you live as I made you to

You are most fully alive when you breathe like I purposed

You are a treasure, you are my treasure

You are enough

It’s not what you do that makes you enough, it’s who you are

Your breath is valuable because I give it

You are worthy because I say so

You are not a mistake

You are priceless

I made you this way


Fist inside clenching tight

Why do I have to try

In order to be perfect

I get pulled inward

Because they all push

You must contort to be

Someone you’re not

Better than you are

And different

Do more, try harder

Attain your calling

By wearing a mask

That’s what you need

And then you’ll be right


How can it be right

To not be myself

How can it be best

To never be me

How can I be

What I was made to be

When I am ordered not to

And must perform as another

How is that okay

How is that good

When I deny the Spirit

For the Religion

How can their orders

Make me better

When His beauty

Is within me


I’m already created

Saved and redeemed

I don’t have to do any more

Because there’s nothing left to do

That He hasn’t already done