I’m caught in the middle of all the things I see and feel

Nowhere to go or understand I’m stuck in between

Once losing my mind to extremism I now see myself

In the place of gray between worlds of extremes and ignorance

The weight of believing that it is best to be only me

When I’m so different and other from all else

So that those different and other can be

A place of surety where I gain strength of the reward

In living my life the way I alone can

And this is in fact my calling

No matter what I may hear from around me

The lions in the den don’t scare me with their teeth

Because there is a place where I’m safe

I’m found


Life feels like lots of things

Greatness and little

Big and small emotions

Too much and many

But I am not defined by all

That I should, could, or “must” do

I am greater than such littleness

I am a life

Full of multiplicity and multi-facetedness

Don’t think I am something simple

Or that I’m easy to understand

I am not the sum of what I can do

And I’m not lessened by what I can’t

I am not valued for my successes

I’m not made better by what I accomplish

My failures don’t measure me

My mistakes don’t make me less

I am more than what you can see

I am more than what I say

Give me a chance

To be some one

Not some thing


When I feel of breaking, You hold me together

When I feel I’m suffocating, breath is given

When I feel I don’t have control, safety is mine

When I feel overwhelmed, peace surrounds me

When fear builds, rest comes within my soul

When people fight against me, I am strengthened

When the unknown looms, I’m embraced with calm

When confusion seems real, I keep walking

Even in sadness, I go forward

Even in hurt, I have life abundant

Even in pain, I also know joy

Even in hardship, I am found

I don’t know everything, but I am secure

I can’t understand it all, but I am all right

I haven’t figured it out, but that’s not my purpose

I may not know what to do, but it doesn’t mean I’m lost

I am here, I am existing

And that’s what I can do well

Right now