I want easy

But easy doesn’t produce strength

I want fast

But fast doesn’t make endurance

I want only “good” feelings

But only “good” feelings aren’t realistic

I want people to like me

But when people don’t like me, I learn to continue believing in myself and what I hold fast to.

I want to do worthwhile things

But doing worthwhile things doesn’t make me worthy

I want perfection

But perfection is cold, harsh, addictive, and destructive

I want purpose

But purpose doesn’t give me value

I want words to say

But words don’t give me truth

I want to be surrounded

But to be surrounded doesn’t mean I’m understood

I want to be with

But being with doesn’t mean I’m known

I want to not fear

But not fearing would mean that I would never act in courage to do the things I’m afraid of

And that is true bravery


Really Seen

What if you could see people with all their scars

Both ones self-inflicted and from abuse?

What if you could see their stories

Both of victory and defeat,

Joy and pain,

Triumph and failure,

And perfect imperfection?

Written on their faces,

Their bodies?

What if we could have compassion

Instead of passivity,

Understanding of how ignorant we really are

Instead of arrogance,

Communion of similar experience

Instead of rejection?

What if we knew the real worth of others?

What if we truly knew our own value?

What if we chose acceptance?

We can’t see all of people’s scars

Both inward and outward

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have any

Don’t we all have them?

Aren’t we all fragile?

Aren’t we all breakable?

And fractured?

Aren’t we all carrying something

No matter how hard our shell may seem?

Why don’t we treat each other like this is true?

May we never be the ones who put shame on others

May we be the ones who see people as they are

For who they are

No matter what

Hear Me

Guess what?  If you don’t listen, you don’t hear what I say.  You don’t hear what I don’t say either.  I’m listening to you.  Why can’t I get a word in edge-wise?  I’m tired of not being listened to.  Is this a curse I will always have to bear?  I want to be heard now just as much as anyone else.  So stop shutting me up.  And open your ears.  I won’t be drowned out by all the talking of others.  I refuse to be drained when I listen to others.  I don’t want to be ignored by all those louder than me.  I don’t like being shunned by the majority that is different from me.  I refuse to let my stammering get in the way of me being on my own side.  I won’t let my inability to articulate what I feel stand in the way of me trying.  I won’t let my stumbling over words stop me from fighting for myself.  I won’t let myself be talked over.  I won’t let people interrupt me.  I am my own spokesperson.  You can’t intimidate me with your overflow of words.  I will be heard.  I will speak my mind and my voice won’t be stifled anymore.  It’s going to be my time now to join the conversation with equality and justice.  May we find a middle ground where we all can be heard.

I’m asking

Do you have space for me

Is there room in your life

Can I be here with you

Or are you going to shut me out

Are you going to leave me

Will you unaccept me

Can you see me

Or will you ignore me

Can you let me in

Or will you keep me away

Do you have a place for me

Or am I left alone because there’s no spot

For me in your life

Will you let me know you

And will you know me

It depends

Can you find a way to allow me in?


You have to be brave

For yourself

And you can be brave

You can

You don’t have to conquer

Just be

You don’t have to succeed

Just breathe

You don’t have to perfect

Just rest

Any time you feel like falling

Know that you can stand

Any time you feel like nothing

Know that you are worthful

Any time you feel you’re fading

Know that you are here

There is someone who sees you

And makes you courageous

That someone is victorious for you

There is someone strong

When you feel weak

And big

When you feel small

There is someone who makes you