What if there was a place to be accepted

No matter what

What if that place were safe

To be yourself

What if there were people to belong with

In spite of not being exactly the same

What if those people knew you

Really knew you

And still embraced you

What if there was no judgment

No superiority

No exclusion

No otherness

What if there was only being included

And no loneliness

What if those people weren’t afraid of you

What if they weren’t proud in ignorance

What if there was no distancing, no separating

What if you didn’t have to be alone

By yourself, secluded

A place like that is a rest

People like that are a home

A community

Look at me

can you see me

can you see what I feel

can you see my tired eyes

my exhausted body upheld by weak strength

can you see my unspoken words

longing to be heard

can you see I yearn to speak

can you see that I’m ignored

can you see all the things I want to say, words slithering through my teeth, shut up for years, unheard by all but myself

can you see the heavy things I carry

can you understand the weight of what I bear

can you see my fear that I am not safe to be who I am

can you see that I am afraid to be myself

can you see my pain

can you see that I am worth something great?

No?  Then you cannot possibly know my victory in these things