This I bear the weight of a calling, the burden of a destiny.  And yet this is nothing like the crushing burden I used to carry of the shaming rocks that wore me out and made me fall under their force.  This weight spurs me on, not breaks me down.

The pain of having a desire yet not knowing how or when it will be fleshed out into purpose.  And yet this pain is nowhere near the hurt and suffering I’ve felt before of being alone and feeling like a waste.  This desire fills me with endurance to persevere.

The responsibility to walk that which was designed for me by the One who planned it and created me for it.  And yet this responsibility is so much more freeing than the bondage to control, fear, and perfection that I’ve slaved under before.  This responsibility is carried for me by Someone else so that I don’t have to.

To carry the vision unfulfilled and unrealized drives me with passion forward into unforeseen life.  This great freedom is so much better to walk in than all the guilty and condemning shoulds, coulds, and woulds that took away so much of me before.  This dream speaks light into my days.


Rain on me

Wash the wounds

Cleanse the burns

With cool water

Driving away black soot

Removing toxic dirt

Some days it stings

Sometimes just aches

But I don’t mind

Because I can feel

The rain