What is it that this feels like sickness, a searing of empty space
The ache of feeling, mourning the loss of what was never there
Stretching, breaking, then burning by the wanting to be with, but afraid
Fractured, fragmented by caving in from the weight from around of nothing
More alone with others and more alone without, I am forcing
Fight to not feel inferior and hate, scarred from battles I only know
I call with voice unheard inside a skeleton unseen from outside
Lacking the desire to beg for the balm of being together
Left I am only to exist pushing myself so hard I am exhausted
With nowhere left to go, nothing left to give elsewhere, fed up
Falling somewhere I don’t see don’t hear gone quiet
Being here I don’t have to try perform perfect I only wait
And heal by no longer striving so but become whole
Waking hours like water to grow the limbs
And silent days fall like rain to clear the glass
I lie and gain the weight of who I am but had shunned
I become the reality of myself that I never allowed
And throw off the burdens, I can have peace
Pain is never for nothing but will all be worth it
Illusions fade and deceptions drown, I’m still
Covered and resting in a powerful calm
To be