Living Eulogies

There are some people you will always remember.

The one who listens to you when you have nowhere else to turn.  The one who sees you when no one else does.  The one doesn’t turn away from you when you mess up.  The one who gives to you whenever you need something.  The one who is with you so you don’t have to be alone.  The one who stays your friend even when you offend them.  The one who is hospitable to you even when you can’t return the favor.  The one who invests in you even when you have nothing to give back.  The one who gives you things even when you can’t offer anything to them.  The one who likes you even when you feel unlikeable.  The one who doesn’t judge you when you’re in a bad mood.  The one who doesn’t expect you to be someone you were not made to be.  The one who tells you it’s going to be ok when you cry.  The one who doesn’t think you should be perfect since you can’t be.  The one who doesn’t use you for their own gain.  The one who loves you even when there are times you don’t love them back.  The one who takes care of you when you can’t take care of yourself.  The one who notices when you’re sad and doesn’t ignore you or pretend everything is great.  The one who reads between the lines of your small talk and wants to know how you really feel.  The one who forgives you when you make a mistake.  The one who wants the best for you above their own interests.  The one who wants to be with you even when you’re tired of it all.  And the many other people who are all the things to you that make your life better.

Think about it.  God is actually all these things.  And much more.  Combine all the good things in every person, magnify to perfection, and expand to infinite and God is that.  He made all the good in people; it started with him and it all points to him.  Every bit of good in the world is because of him.  Words can’t describe his goodness.  All these efforts are just attempts to understand and describe an eternal, unfathomable God.


What is the life devoted to Christ?

It starts with every day.

It is the decision to love God more than myself.

It is the dedication to seek Him.

It is the choice to serve Him no matter how hard it is or what I feel.

It is the perseverance to glorify Him any way I can.

It is the endurance to do my best, to strive to do God’s will.

It is the diligence to holiness.

It is the standing in humility under trial.

It is the grace to share the Gospel in season and out.

It is the commitment to the word of God under threat of evil.

It is the constant realigning of heart and mind to the Lord’s character.

It is the strength to work hard even when no one sees.

It is forgiving.

It is the constant fighting on the inside against the sin that plagues the flesh.

It is the depth of compassion to see the invisible around and comfort those in pain.

It is the ability to hope in a hopeless world.

It is the realization that I am nothing.

It is the clinging to Jesus when all is gone.

It is the belief in heaven where the Lord will welcome home those who belong to Him.

It is the denying of myself because I follow Jesus’ example.

It is the faith in God as the only Savior of the world.

It is the knowledge that Jesus is the way the truth and the life.

It is the laying down of my life to the only God who can grant life eternal and every good and perfect gift.

It is devoting every moment, every breath, and every thought to the God of all things.

It is the worship of the Lord of the universe.

It is the constant honor, adoration, and submission to the Creator, the only true God.

He accomplishes the impossible.